Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan Discusses Azerbaijan Relations At European Political Community Meeting


Key Takeaways

  • The Armenian Defense Ministry reported increased Azerbaijani military activity near Lachin Corridor.
  • Armenia has accused Azerbaijan of violating the ceasefire agreement established in November 2020.
  • The Armenian side urges international community to respond to Azerbaijan’s actions.
  • Sporadic fighting has continued between the two nations despite the peace deal.
  • Russian peacekeepers are stationed in the region but have limited influence.

The Armenian Defense Ministry has raised concerns over an increase in Azerbaijani military maneuvers near the Lachin Corridor. Stepping up their activities significantly, Azerbaijan seems to be challenging the fragile peace in the region. Armenia has pointed fingers, accusing Azerbaijan of violating the ceasefire that was put in place after the 2020 conflict. Various breaches have been reported, showcasing the unstable nature of the current peace agreement.

Had Azerbaijan adhered to the terms, this escalation might not have happened. International entities are being called upon by the Armenian side to step in and address these violations. The Ministry insists on the importance of a prompt and effective international response to avert further destabilization.

Despite the ceasefire agreement from November 2020, skirmishes persist, undermining efforts to maintain peace. Russian peacekeepers are present in the area to oversee the truce but their influence appears limited. Their presence hasn’t significantly deterred the sporadic fighting that breaks out.

Standing on thin ice, the delicate truce seems prone to shatter with continued provocations. Heightening tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan underline the fractious relationship that remains unresolved. The commitment to peace remains questionable, casting doubt on future stability in the enclave.

Armenian officials stress the urgency of international involvement to ensure compliance with the ceasefire. Highlighting the risks, they warn that the region cannot afford another full-scale conflict. The Ministry remains vocal about the need for immediate action, stressing that Azerbaijan’s intensified military exercises could lead to dire consequences.

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