Thousands of Bees Rescued from Putnam County School: A Buzzworthy Story


Key Takeaways

  • Thousands of bees were safely rescued from Putnam County School.
  • Local beekeepers were called to handle the situation.
  • The bees were safely relocated without harm to anyone.
  • The school remained operational throughout the incident.

In a buzz-worthy incident at Putnam County School, thousands of bees caused quite a stir but were safely rescued, thanks to quick action by local beekeepers. The bees created a commotion, prompting the intervention of experts who skillfully relocated the insects, ensuring the safety of both the students and the bees. The situation was handled efficiently, with the school maintaining its regular schedule amid the bee rescue operation. The buzz has now subsided with the successful removal of the bees, much to the relief of the school community.

Read the full story by: WKRN


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