Exploring Maine’s Top Pollinators beyond Honey Bees

Key Takeaways:


  • Honeybees are not the most efficient pollinators in Maine.
  • Wild bees and other insects are better at pollinating native plants in the state.
  • Diverse pollinators are essential for a healthy ecosystem.
  • Encouraging native pollinators can benefit agriculture and natural habitats.

Honey bees, though popularly recognized for their role as pollinators, may not be the most effective option in Maine. According to a recent study, wild bees and other insect species contribute significantly more to pollinating native plants in the region. The research highlights the importance of fostering diversity among pollinators for the overall health of Maine’s ecosystems. By encouraging the presence of native pollinators alongside honey bees, both agriculture and natural habitats can benefit from enhanced pollination services. Understanding the vital contribution of various pollinators is crucial for maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

Read the full story by: Bangor Daily News

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