Empowering Communities: World Bee Day 2024 Awareness Program

Key Takeaways:

  • Training programs conducted to enhance knowledge on beekeeping
  • Strategies to promote sustainable beekeeping practices discussed
  • Emphasis on creating awareness about the importance of bees in pollination

An informative article highlights an awareness cum capacity-building program conducted on World Bee Day 2024. The program focused on enhancing knowledge and skills in beekeeping through various training sessions and interactive workshops. Participants were introduced to sustainable beekeeping practices, including hive management and honey extraction techniques. Practical demonstrations and expert insights provided a hands-on learning experience for attendees. The significance of bees in pollination and ecosystem health was emphasized, underlining the critical role they play in food production and biodiversity conservation. Moreover, discussions on market opportunities for bee products aimed to empower participants with entrepreneurial skills in apiculture. Overall, the awareness cum capacity-building program contributed to fostering a deeper understanding of beekeeping practices and promoting sustainable bee conservation efforts.

Read the full story by: https://icar.org.in/awareness-cum-capacity-building-programme-world-bee-day-2024

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