Coquitlam Beekeeper Fined After 7 Years: Story Reveals Local Regulation Challenges

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Key Takeaways:


  • Honeybee keeper in Coquitlam fined for keeping bees in his backyard.
  • The beekeeper has kept honeybees for seven years with no prior issues.
  • The city of Coquitlam issued fines for violating bylaw restrictions on apiaries.
  • Community support and petition to change bylaws to allow urban beekeeping.

Keeping honeybees for seven years in Coquitlam led to fines for a dedicated beekeeper due to bylaw restrictions. Despite maintaining a beekeeping practice in his backyard without incident for seven years, the city now penalizes him. These fines stem from violations of regulations concerning apiaries. This sudden enforcement contrasts with the beekeeper’s lengthy compliance with keeping bees, indicating a shift in the city’s approach to urban beekeeping. Moreover, this situation has sparked community backing, evident in a petition urging alterations to the bylaws to permit urban apiaries in Coquitlam.

The beekeeper’s long-term commitment to beekeeping faces challenges as Coquitlam starts imposing fines for beekeeping activities on his property. This surprising turn follows years of beekeeping without any known issues, highlighting a shift in the city’s stance on urban apiaries. The fines originate from infringements on bylaws governing the maintenance of beehives, raising questions about the city’s regulatory position on urban beekeeping. Furthermore, the community response has been significant, with an active petition advocating for revisions to enable urban beekeepers within Coquitlam.

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